Going on a group diet helps you lose weight


With friends, everything is easier. It is easier to overcome a break, dare to do something that scares us, go to the bar where our crush is, even make a radical decision regarding our image. And perhaps it is also the key for us to lose more weight and comply with the diet.

“There are many scientific papers that confirm the multiple benefits of this type of intervention (dieting in a group).

Deciding to lose weight in the company has great benefits such as sharing goals makes it easier to carry and increases commitment. “In addition, the group provides social support and external control, which are decisive for success because many times we do things to not look bad, not to fail others, and that stimulates the effort,” says psychologist Julia Vidal.

Another benefit is that when you are with friends you feel “forced” to fulfill what they promised, you feel ashamed to leave the diet if you see them so delivered, and surely the same will happen to them. In addition, a feeling of competition arises that if it is with measure it can be very healthy. Competing to achieve something can lead you to surrender even more.

Of course, that they are on a diet together does not mean that they have to do the same diet, each person must follow a regimen according to their needs and body, never, but never opt for dieting miracles, you put your health at risk.