How often should we wash the gym clothes ?


It is evident that after a spinning class, having gone for a run or having performed any activity that involves intense cardio, we will sweat. And a lot. In those cases as soon as we get home we usually throw the sportswear into the laundry basket, do we do well? On the other hand, there are many other activities and exercises in which you do not sweat necessarily or people who sweat much more than others regardless of the effort they make … in these cases when we do not sweat, it does not mean that the garment does not get dirty

Although sportswear is made with synthetic, breathable or resistant fabrics, they are not exempt from getting dirty. And we don’t talk only about sweat or dust, but about dead skin cells, minerals, fat or body oils that we give off. Organic substances that remain attached to the fabric even if we do not see them. And from them, bacteria are formed that remains in the tissue. And what happens if we reuse that garment without speaking it washed? That we sweat again, that our body generates heat and with high temperatures, bacteria proliferate. And this makes it even harmful to our bodies.

How often and how to wash gym clothes?

To get out of that vicious circle, the experts of the Taymory sportswear store have it clear: “The idea is to wash clothes right after training,” they comment from their website. “You don’t have to leave wet clothes in the bucket and also try to separate used clothes from normal daily clothes. If not, not only the smell will spread, but also bacteria.”

Therefore, it is advisable to wash sportswear right after using it. And do it without mixing it with others. Also, it is advised to wash it without spinning so as not to spoil it, using a program for delicate and low-temperature fabrics. To avoid wasting energy, and since the gym clothes do not usually have stains, we recommend that you opt for a short program of 10-20 minutes, that is, fast wash. As you know, there are also washing machines that among their programs offer a specific wash for sportswear; Always opt for that and get used to not mixing it with street or house clothes.