The Nordics have done it again, know the benefits of Nordic walking


We love everything that comes from the Nordic countries, its philosophy of life, its decoration, its diet … the Nordic style is still in fashion and now also its way of exercising is on everyone’s lips and is following a success outside its borders. Take note of what Nordic walking is and its health benefits.

What is Nordic walking?

It is an activity that involves walking on a pair of poles, such as those used on the ski slopes. This exercise boosts the body, not as it would in a walk or in the trekking where the sticks serve only as support, in the Nordic march they are used as an element of impulse for the body when walking.

The intensity level can be adapted according to the person performing the march so that the exercise can be adapted to the rhythm and to the specific needs of each one. This will vary as the Nordic walking is practiced.

To start practicing this activity you have to keep in mind some basic notions such as the pelvis is very important to avoid damaging the back. We must also learn that there are different rhythms and types of movements that can be combined, some more dynamic, others maintaining symmetry and rhythmic. Ideally, begin to practice Nordic walking progressively and with the help of an expert to avoid joint problems.

As a curiosity in the Nordic countries, many people who do not have time to practice exercise, integrate the march in their routine practicing it in their daily movements. A good idea to save time and not stop exercising.

Benefits of Nordic Walking

It is an aerobic exercise that works for almost all muscle groups. It helps to increase lung capacity, activates metabolism, improves circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage so it actively fights fluid retention.

Strengthens the body, especially the upper body, strengthening the spine and avoiding and / or relieving back pain. Activates metabolism and helps prevent and treat obesity, osteoporosis, and hypertension. It also contributes to lowering the level of cholesterol and blood glucose. A wonder of exercise as you will see.

It facilitates the digestive process, strengthens the immune system and improves sleep quality, mood and overall health. As further practiced outdoors greater tissue oxygenation and sunbathing make our body synthesizes Vitamin D so precious is achieved.

If you want to take care of your body, the health of your bones, control the weight and strengthen the core, the arms and the spine, try the Nordic walking, those who have tried it say that it hooks.