The revolutionary Sakuma Method , the Marie Kondo of fitness to lose weight in two weeks without effort


Very simple exercises and simple healthy eating patterns are the proposals of Kenichi Sakuma, the Japanese trainer who is already known as the Marie Kondo of fitness. His book The Sakuma Method has sold more than two million copies in Japan and is also being a boom outside of Asia. Transforming the silhouette in just 5 minutes a day without worrying about the rebound effect is Sakuma’s promise. His successful method is advertised as the secret of top models to show off a slender and strong silhouette in two weeks, but what exactly does this method consist of?

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that in the book Kenichi Sakuma’s dietary guidelines are focused on the Asian public but the rules are general and foods are substitutable for western ingredients. The Sakuma method focuses especially on correcting postural habits to achieve good alignment of the body thus facilitating the burning of fat.

Sakuma method exercises

The success of this training is its simplicity, Kondian minimalism translated into a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet and gentle exercises. To achieve Sakuma’s goals, model and tone the body in just two weeks, the Japanese coach explains that with just 5 minutes a day you can transform the silhouette and without having to worry more about the rebound effect.

Kenichi exercises are basically stretching in which you don’t have to put too much effort although beginners will need an adaptation. Sakuma recommends that during the first two weeks the training be carried out daily and that from the third week they are interspersed with rest days, so the exercise table would be carried out three days a week.

A 5-minute routine

The routine would be set by 5 exercises. The first exercise illustrates the cover of his book and works primarily on the lower train, helping to reduce volume, but also strengthens arms, chest and abdomen. Lying face down with your hands on your head, well-aligned with the spine, for this you have to bring your chin to your chest a little. Leave your elbows open pointing sideways and lift your torso off the floor leaving your waist well supported. From this posture, the first exercise would also be to lift the legs off the floor and press one leg against the other while maintaining the posture for 10 seconds.

The second exercise would be, with the initial posture, to cross the ankles and lift them to the ceiling as much as you can . The exercise would remain for 10 seconds too. These two exercises would be repeated 3 times without breaks. A perfect workout to slim your thighs and tone your buttocks.

The following exercise would work hips and buttocks favoring the elimination of cellulite and correcting postural problems. Lie on your stomach and cross your ankles separating your knees, lift your legs off the floor as much as you can and hold your posture for 10 seconds. This may cost a bit at first but it is a very simple word.

The method also features exercises to refine the waistline that you can perform while sitting in a chair. Sitting her shoulders away from her ears as much as possible by lowering them. Put your hands on your hips and raise one side of your hip without moving your shoulders while raising your leg, hold your posture for 3 seconds and change sides. Do 10 repetitions.

The keys to the Sakuma method diet

Kenichi Sakuma explains that you should not skip breakfast if you want to lose weight , and alludes to sumo wrestlers that when they want to gain weight the first thing they do is skip it. Of course, he adds that breakfast must be taken in the first half-hour after waking up.

Another of Sakuma’s tricks is to include more quality protein in the diet, 1.5 grams for every kilo you weigh.

Eat at least three times a day and drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol and, if you are going to drink some candy, divide the dose in two to make the digestion twice increasing the energy expenditure.

In addition to toning, stylizing and losing weight, the Sakuma method activates the core very simple and in just a few minutes so you can forget about gym hours if you don’t have time for anything. It even promises to relieve headaches, menstrual, back pain, constipation … According to Kenichi Sakuma, it does not take more than those 5 minutes and simple guidelines in the diet to have a top model body, you will have to try your exercises even if it is hard to believe that such a rapid transformation, we will only lose a few minutes in the experiment.