This is what you should not do if what you want is to lose weight


The training must be properly programmed, in accordance with scientific principles that allow us to improve our performance and, above all, our health. Therefore, it is highly recommended to be advised by physical activity professionals. If we don’t have the necessary knowledge, it’s easy to make mistakes that hinder our progress. In addition, it is important to plan the exercise to optimize the time we dedicate, which is usually scarce. Let’s see what are the most common mistakes we make when training and how we can solve them.

1. If you don’t set a realistic goal. The first thing we have to do to plan training is to set a goal. From it, the most appropriate methods and exercises will be selected. That objective must fit our characteristics and the time we are really going to be able to devote to the sport.

2. When you give up training with weights because you want to lose weight. One of the most important aspects to lose body fat is to raise the metabolism, and the best strategy to achieve this is strength training with loads. When we only do cardiovascular exercise, metabolism tends to be slower. Many women believe that if they do weights they will develop a large muscle mass that will give them a masculinized appearance, but nothing is further from reality, since for a woman it is very complicated muscle, because her body produces much less testosterone than a man.